Terms and conditions !

Terms & Conditions
You must read, agree and accept the terms and conditions below before you may become a member of QIC Advantage Club.

Members must adhere to and respect the terms and conditions of the membership at all times. QIC Advantage Club reserves the right to cancel any membership should they suspect abuse of the system or non-compliance with the Terms & Conditions.

QIC Advantage Club reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions and will notify members via email if altered. 

About the Advantage Passes
All Advantage Passes on QIC Advantage Club are for the sole use of the members and their immediate family (spouse & children ONLY). Each Advantage Pass is printed with the member’s surname (family name) meaning that a member of that family must be present when the Advantage Pass is presented. Valid ID is required to prove identity such as a passport, resident’s permit or driving license. All members agree in the Terms & Conditions, to willingly present their ID to the merchant in order to validate their Advantage Passes and redeem the promotions.

For Advantage Passes with a percentage off the total bill, just one Advantage Pass is required to redeem the discount for the group or one bill. However, if you wish to use 2 for 1 style promotions, you will need to present the relevant number of Advantage Passes for your party i.e. if redeeming a 2 for 1 main course promotion, with four people dining, 2 Advantage Passes would be required etc.

Each Advantage Pass has a unique code
Each Advantage Pass will have a unique code printed on it. In cases where you may use multiple Advantage Passes at once, (in accordance to the individual offer’s terms and conditions) you will need to download and print them individually so each retains its unique number. DO NOT download the Advantage Pass once and then print it multiple times, as they will all have the same code and will not be accepted.

Sharing Advantage Passes is NOT permitted
You cannot give Advantage Passes to your friends for them to use on their own. Advantage Passes are NON-transferable. However, you can take friends along with you to enjoy the discounts, but you (the member) MUST be present.

Expiry of Advantage Passes
All Advantage Passes promoted via QIC Advantage Club feature a printed expiry date of one week from the date of download. Vouchers presented after the printed expiry date will not be honoured by businesses.

Our members enjoy the unique benefit of having unlimited usage of the Advantage Passes as part of their membership. Therefore, if an Advantage Pass has expired and the promotion is still listed on the website, the member may continue to download as many Advantage Passes as they wish.

Specific Terms & Conditions for each Advantage Pass
Each Advantage Pass features specific terms & conditions relating to usage and by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the membership, members agree to read these and read them in full, before downloading the Advantage Pass. It is the member's responsibility to ensure they have read the specific Terms & Conditions on each website post and Advantage Pass before trying to redeem the offer.

Advantage Passes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions offered by the merchant i.e. if the merchant already has a seasonal offer for specific goods/services, Advantage Passes my not be redeemed in order to gain additional discount on top of this, unless otherwise stated in the Terms & Conditions of the offer.

Changes to Advantage Pass
QIC Advantage Club reserves the right to add, change and remove Advantage Passes from the website at any time without notifying members.

Refund policy

In the event of significant disruption to the website, for an extended period of time, members will receive a refund of their membership fee equal to the timescale of the disruption. Members with any issues or concerns about their account or any incorrect charges should contact QIC Advantage Club customer service via email at info@theadvantage.club or telephone 00 974 5515 2305

Website information
The information contained in the company descriptions and other areas of QIC Advantage Club’s website is for guidance purposes only. QIC Advantage Club cannot be held responsible for any misinformation and all information may be subject to change at any time.

Quality of service
QIC Advantage Club is not responsible for the quality of service and products that are offered by merchants. Any complaints related to quality of services and products should be addressed directly to the business providing the offer. QIC Advantage Club accepts no responsibility for disputes between users and retailers and is not required legally or otherwise, to settle any such disputes on behalf of either party.

Privacy policy
QIC Advantage Club will not pass on any personal information from its members to any third party.

Governing law
QIC Advantage Club’s offices are registered in the United Kingdom, therefore these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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