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Would you like to promote your services for FREE on QIC Advantage Club?

As a business owner you can promote your services for free via the QIC Advantage Club website - we will never ask for any payment or commission.

QIC Advantage Club offers you the flexibility to change offers every few months, or add as many new promotions as you wish in order to help you promote new products and services. As always our marketing services are free of charge.

QIC Advantage Club offers far greater benefits to businesses than other discount operators, as our online format allows us to adapt dynamically.

QIC Advantage Club enables you to increase business at specific times, for special events and for new products and services i.e. Ramadan, Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, school holidays etc.

Banner adverts: QIC Advantage Club also offers banner spaces for businesses to advertise, which do require payment. For details of banner advertising rates please get in touch.

Call +974 5515 2305 for more details on how to promote your business for free on QIC Advantage Club or email: